Via this website you can follow the travel adventures of Daan and Mirjam on their two Honda Africa Twins! The journey began on March 11th 2011 in Canada, then all the way south to South America. In may 2012 we flew the bikes from Argentina to South Africa, to drive north for a year to Europe. After arriving in The Netherlands, we decided to leave again, this time without the bikes… to Canada, to live and work there!



Camping in Canada… not as cold as it seems!



Winter weather & sunshine!



Canada… different riding style!



On a miserable and chilly day here on the island we saw a guy walking while pushing a cart. A scary crook, or someone with an interesting story to tell?


We drove towards him and started a chat. It turned out his name was Ron, and he was walking through Europe for already 3,5 years! Nice guy, an even better story to tell and we could help him out a bit. What would you have done?


We're HOME! After almost 20 months and 74.300km's we finally made it back to The Netherlands. For now, this trip will end but we'll update the website soon with the last pictures and stories! 


Half way through Germany, only 600km's from home now. It is raining a bit and we'll take it easy, Monday we hope to arrive!


We're west of Budapest already, after 800km's and two border crossings today since we left from a fantastic Sofia, Bulgaria! Also Servia was beautiful, nice weather. 


Bulgaria it is! Cold and rainy, so we seem to end the trip like we began it two years ago: with hot coffee @ the McDonalds on the side of the road..


We made it to Istanbul, so tonight we'll sleep in Europe! That has been a while…


We're at the Black Sea now, and will go to Istanbul tomorrow. Today we did a lot of km's and an oil change on the bikes; the bikes are ready for the last stretch!

People ask us about our future route from now on…. we're heading home now and this trip will end once we are in The Netherlands.


Turkey! After sleeping a night in the harbour we made it through customs this morning. THe people are really fantastic; hyper friendly and welcoming; a real warm shower after Egypt!


We are on board on the ferry to Turkey; finally. Egyptian customs made it difficult for us till the very last minute, but we made it onto the boat with all needed stamps and the bikes!


Still in Egypt, waiting to board the ferry. The boat is delayed because a sunken fishing boat blocks the harbour. After two full days at customs the paperwork is still not finished; we hope to get our stamped documents any time now.

We really look forward to the last stretch home; we're also really done with Egypt!


If you can see the Pyramids from the roof of the campsite, I guess you are in Cairo!


We've just arrived in Aswan, Egypt. The bikes left Sudan this morning so we'll have to wait for them for a few days. The trip on the ferry was 'interesting'… but cosy with 660 passengers on a 250-passenger ferry!

Hereby the movie by our friend Edward, of the Moyale route from Kenya to Ethiopia.


We've just put the bikes in a barge at Wadi Halfa, ready for shipment to Egypt! TOmorrow we will go on the ferry ourselves to head north!

Most of the website is translated in English, except for the travel journal. However, when you have a comment or a question; just leave a message (comment) on the website or send us un e-mail!