From the time I was a 6 year old girl, I was confronted with various moped and motorbike parts: very uninteresting! I also found it very annoying since these parts where spread out on the table during dinner. This wasn’t only a bad view, but I also got less attention because my brother and father discussed these parts extensively.

My 9 year older brother started  to tinker on mopeds since he was 15 years old. Before he turned 18, he owned his first motorbike. That is where my experience withe motorbikes started.

After having owned over 10 motorbikes, he bought a Honda Africa Twin. I was about 21 years old, and bumped into the thing by accident when I visited my brother. I thought the colours of the bike where hidious, and it was huge; something like a giant cross bike or something. Despite of that, I wanted to sit on it for a minute :-) .


A few years later, Daan passed his motorbike licence (influenced by my brother?), and bought a Honda Africa Twin (influenced by my brother???). I really liked driving with him at the back of the bike.

After a few months, I took a few driving lessons, and I totally loved it!

Half a year later I had my motorbike licence not long after that I was the proud owner of an ugly, enormous cross motorbike… my brother’s Honda Africa Twin :-D .

And, looking back, I think it was inevitable… :-)