(In) famous Quote’s… People say things that stay in your mind… we only show the quotes that still make sense in English. The complete list can be found on the Dutch part of the website.

  • “I think (read: hope) you come home with a side car and children…”
    Thijs van Immerzeel, Flakkee 2010
  • “You must call every day! And do NOT camp in the wilderness!”
    Henk Stehouwer, the Nederlands daily
  • “Well, that looks bad on your resumé, a world trip like that…”
    Someone, the Nederlands 2010
  • “We’re not gonna talk about tires again, are we?”
    Gian, Veluwe 2010
  • “By the way, have you got other hobby’s besides driving the motorbike?”
    Erik Nieuwenhuizen, Veluwe 2010
  • “Honda’s are a pain in the ass to work on!”
    Erik van Immerzeel, regularly
  • “Pffft, the sand can’t be anywhere worse than here!”
    Mirjam, end at the A4 (tiny bit of sand), 2009
  • “Get the largest catalogue from your outdoor shop, and read it thouroughly. Everything in there you do not need!”
    Paul -van Renate-, Marocco 2009
  • “I’m not mentoined anywhere on your website! x-(”
    Ellen Stehouwer, the Netherlands 2009
  • “And, what are you looking for  so far away from flakkee (home)?”Pieter Stehouwer, Flakkee 2009
  • “For you a round a world trip is not a big step, since you’ve already moved away from Flakkee. ”
    Leo Rosmolen, the Netherlands 2009
  • “Are you going to camp? Ieuw, then you’ll get all kind of bugs in you hair, right?
    Kim Linssen, the Netherlands around 2008
  • “If you eat your porridge, you’ll stay nice and warm on the bike. If you don’t eat your porridge, you’ll get colt, so… dubble portion today!”
    Ewan McGregor, Siberia 2004

Yes, these quotes are real!