It had to be done; going to work for the last day… and that was today!

We have been drinking a lot this week at our goodbye-parties from work, and have received wonderful presents; really amazing (pictures will follow)

The bikes are, after  23 (!) days on their way, already in Portugal… not really according schedule.

Overbooked containervessel, loaded on another vessel… which went on strike and missed its connection to yet another boat etc.etc. Small issue for a huge containervessel, but a giant frustration for us!

It seems the bikes can still arrive just-in-time @ Toronto, if they miss another boat we must book a return-ticket Toronto-Cancun or something, sad for us ey? ;-)

The only think left now is emptying our temporary house in Maassluis, after which we start our GreatGoodbyeTour, visiting family and friends. After this ,we will stay for a week on Flakkee, have a big party and then go to the airport.